30 Days Of Thoughtful

 Welcome to my Thoughtful project, a 30 day journey starting on September 1st, 2017.

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Try it out, and if it’s not helpful – just unsubscribe. No stress. But I hope it will help with wherever you are in life, right now. And you’ll have a chance to respond and share your own lessons with this community too, but only if you want too.

I’d love you to join me – I’ve taken some of the deepest moments of growth from my private journals and this blog as well as lessons I’ve learned from other wise mentors and observations that have brought me peace and hope.

I believe that it’s never too soon to share what you learn and that we’re meant to encourage one another.

So here’s my contribution, just to start. Maybe you’re embracing new challenges or looking for new direction. Maybe you are dealing with something unexpected or transitions you weren’t expecting to make. Maybe, you – just like me, are looking for a simple way to connect with your authentic self and your own desire for growth.

I’m looking forward to this journey with you.


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