A brand new project.

I’m used to opening up my heart on the internet – this website is more than 15 years old now and includes everything from my early adulthood, heartbreak, career challenges and how I’ve got to here. But putting my voice out into the world with this podcast has taken me to a new level of vulnerability. 

It’s not because I’m sharing my heart but because other people are trusting me with telling their stories well. The Transformationist is now a month old – thanks so much to those of you who have already listened and subscribed! 

Lastly, I’m going to be launching conversations in the Facebook group – a place to connect and discuss what you thought about the episodes – whether you loved them, hated it, found it challenging. 

Head to iTunes to listen and subscribe and add a review! Or wherever you get your podcasts – you can get quick links to Google Play, Spotify and more. I’d love you to share what you think and help me crack the ‘New and Noteworthy’ section on iTunes. Plus, your feedback helps me improve the quality of content.