Work With Me


Digital Communications Strategy & Online Communities

By day, I work for Digital Arts Network – part of a global network of digital leaders. I work primarily as a Digital Strategist. That’s basically helping our team and our clients to make the best decisions possible to achieve the most effective results in digital spaces – and to do it beautifully.

Essential to good communication is effective and captivating storytelling. Figuring out what that story is, how best to tell it and what digital tools you require is where I come in. Collaborative, flexible, responsive is what you get.

I’ve worked as a digital communications & marketing strategist/consultant and freelance writer since 2006, specializing in event projects, campaign work and social media/online communities.

Key Skills:
• Written & Verbal Communication
• Digital strategy
• Social media campaign
• Relationship building and
• Integration
• Writing for digital/web

Book me on your story by simply emailing me now. I’m available for writing assignments on a variety of subjects (arts & culture events, travel, hospitality, theology and sociology).

I’ll also help you construct your own stories, website copy and content, including video scripts.

A contributor to the  NZ Herald online here.
I also contribute to Blogger At Large, World Vision 30 Hour Famine, Slant33, Immerse Journal and others.