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Sometimes we just need a fresh perspective to help boost our thinking and give us a new way of seeing the challenges and opportunities in front of us. This free, 30-day email series will give you an easy and inspiring 5 minute read each day and a simple application or technique to try each day.

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Change doesn’t have to be overwhelming – but it can bring up all kinds of feelings and experiences around loss, learning, grief, forgiveness, hope and rising up to the challenge. So maybe you’re embracing a challenge, looking for new direction or hoping to bounce back. Maybe you are dealing with something unexpected or transitions you weren’t expecting to make. 


What others have said about this email course


You write about those things I’ve (over) thought for a long time but am now getting answers. I’m learning to not be so black and white but to explore the grey. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, feelings, intuition and combining them with your ability to articulate what are tricky things to pin down.



“Thank you Tash. This has just clarified some emotion I’ve been struggling with.”

– Noel

Just for me.

“There’s no way you’d know what I’ve been going through, but your words in this seem to have been written just for me. I appreciate how your words have spoken into this situation and just wanted to offer my encouragement and thanks.”

– Amanda


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