I like to help people change the way they think. 

Then we can change the way we live, breathe and see the world. Everything I do is centred around people and designing great human experiences. In our workplaces, our communities and in our relationships. I’m all about integrating the values that drive each of us from our internal world to the external. So we can be our most authentic and fully-alive selves. It’s where we can be the best humans.  


“I want people to say I helped them change the way they think – about life and the world. And that things were better as a result.”


I’ve had a portfolio life before it was cool. I’ve had a rich and diverse set of experiences in a range of spaces that have given me some unique skills and perspectives. I’ve been able to utilize and craft these into tools. Tools that are now in my toolbox.

My first foray into what has become my career was actually an English assignment at school. We had to write our own eulogy – I wrote my assignment in ten minutes and all it said was ‘I want people to say that I helped them change the way they think about life and the world.’

That has been the motif throughout all of my work. I’m probably a bit of a natural born storyteller and so I went into radio and communications pretty early. I saw the power of how good storytelling and communication can make the world of difference to pretty much any social structure, whether it’s business, families or social organisations. When I go back to the very beginning, it’s always been about transformation. It’s always been about meaningful change – whether that’s talking with somebody who’s having a tough day and helping them reframe that or move forward, or changing businesses and social organisations. 

I love tackling hard problems and challenges – working with people to create the unique and innovative solutions we need for the complex problems we have to solve in business and culture. And when you’re doing that tough work of creating culture change or implementing solutions to problems – storytelling and communication is almost the most important part. I learned that when I was working with World Vision New Zealand and Tourism New Zealand. Leadership is so often about the story you are telling people about where we have been and where we can go. 

Along the way, I’ve continued to enhance and develop my skills as a communicator, in both broadcasting, presenting and writing. You’ll frequently hear me on radio or the odd TV appearance.

I do the work I care about – helping create meaningful change from scale up businesses to C-Suite digital transformation. If you want to see more of my career – you can check out my LinkedIn profile

But mostly you should know that I have deep interests and passions. I thrive in spaces of transformation,  hospitality and tourism, storytelling and people. So that’s where you’ll find me and how to  get my attention. 

First, I believe in people.
Second, never lose your curiosity
because that is holy work.
He tangata, he tangata, he tangata.