How to build a roadmap

Anyone can run a robust and inspired planning session, using this guide. 
I’ve used this method hundreds of times to produce effective and flexible roadmaps for businesses, projects, not-for-profits and ministries.
Using this process you’ll get:


Higher ownership

Greater momentum

Goals that prioritise themselves

A plan that moves with you

How it works

You’ll learn the simple 5 step process to get you & your team moving through the stages of Dream, Expand, Focus, Align and Pivot, the essential building blocks of great planning and execution.

My roadmap planning exercise is great for teams and will help you prioritise all your great big ideas and your important must-do items into an achievable roadmap of activity that you can put into action immediately.

This guide is scalable for teams of 4 to 25. Using collaboration and robust methods of brainstorming, developing and prioritising ideas,  you can lead any team to productive planning that will have them inspired to create momentum.

About Tash McGill, The Transformationist

Tash McGill

Tash McGill

I can help you and your organisation build strong teams, develop strategic processes, solve problems and create momentum. We will maximise your people, your resources and your effectiveness. I will help you implement problem-solving and design techniques that help you to innovate into the future. I use human-centred design and strategic coaching to help individuals and organisations achieve meaningful transformation; in areas of leadership, structure, business development and culture.

A compelling communicator, business thinker and trusted advisor to my clients; I bring 18 years of experience working with strongly motivated people in business and not-for-profit organisations.

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