100 Days 100 Dollars – A Homegrown Campaign To Change A Lil’ Piece Of The World
Luke Winslade is the epitome of the hope I have in Generation Y. Not only does he share my office everyday, but he’s more than my friend and more than my brother. He’ll hate that I’m writing this – but I don’t mind so much.

Most of the time when I get inspired to join a cause, it’s because I really believe it in. But in this instance, not only do I really, really care about the difference this campaign can make.. but I really, really believe in the people behind it.

Unlike so many other campaigns, Luke shuns publicity and attention for himself. He loves Africa, loves the kids and has dedicated himself heart, soul and wallet to the cause. He’s used his amazing creative ability to communicate a message that is compelling and simple. That we can do something. Something that means a lot.

If you haven’t yet read about 100 Days 100 Dollars, then head to the website, watch the videos, see the school and facilities we’ve already built – learn to love what hope looks like.

Not only is Luke changing the world and the way his generation view their ability to make a real difference.. but education really is key to bringing revolutionary change to our world, especially for the developing world. With education comes hope, a future, the ability to think and concieve of a life that is different to what currently exists. Given the chance, these kids will change the face of Kibera, then Africa. In our life.. we are the chance they have, to give a chance to others.

Give. However and wherever you can. 4 days to go.

To this end, I encourage you, to always be generous to those who are about the work of changing the world, bringing hope into places of hopelessness. Where they are willing to go and set foot in treacherous, tragic places.. if you will not join them, then support them as they go, setting about the work of our Father.