Recipe for an Episcopalian.

A Recipe for an Episcopalian

He used to leave the tomato leaves

To dry on the windowsill,


The largest on the left,

Diminishing in size

Until there was just a scrap of green left,

The baby of the family.

Once dry, the leaves were so fragile

A strong gust of wind could crack them.

He put them into soups, sauces and

Sauerkraut: odd for an Episcopalian.

I remember his Sunday sermons,

Severe for a man who took such care

With the leaves of tomatoes.

But as we both grew older, and I learned

How the family had fallen apart,

I realized the importance of tomato leaves–

Making order out of chaos,

Letting the juices dry,

Keeping us all in line.

Jessica Anthony

Brooklyn, NY



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