… allcomers tag from Marko

The instructions couldn’t be more simple – 6 random things people don’t know, then tag.

I love to cook almost as much as I love to read. Seriously. There is nothing that will bring me more joy in life than having my own herb garden and people for dinner every night. Also – I love to cook in other people’s homes. That too is fun. In fact, that will be the core of my next ministry group. I cook, people eat and we all talk.

I passionately love The X Files, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Lost. Epic meta-narrative story arcs. And weird creepy stuff. I actually own the entire 9 seasons of The X Files. For some reason I have always felt slightly judged by other youthworkers.

I used to do dance and ballet. Like seriously, loved it. Still own a pair of ballet shoes and I can still do the splits.

I have to almost compulsively spy on people’s bookshelves and yes, I do actually draw conclusions about you from what I see. It’s totally unfair but I do it anyway. My favourite thing about doing this is not just what you’ve read but how it’s arranged. And whether or not your books are dog-eared, pencil-marked, lent out. Also, how many books in common we have.

Whilst I work in a creative office space, have multiple great spaces in the city to hang out in, a very inspiring wee cottage and plenty of natural landscapes to admire – most of my very best creative thinking is done in the car, looking just over the bonnet at the bumper of the car ahead of me in traffic, or the road stretching ahead at 100kms per hour. Roadtrips are genuinely my most productive creative time, and you wouldn’t even know what was going on in my head if you were in the car with me.

From a young age I have loved Texas, yet never been there. My granddad gave me a necklace that was both the shape of a saddle with the state of Texas on it, rhinestones and everything, after he visited. I have always wanted to go there, still hope to someday. Should I mention deep appreciation of all things Texas, including musicians and filmmakers, actors, writers. Yup – a natural magnetism.

Ok – so for fun, I tag Danielle, Jill; etnobofin; Max (I hope he gets this); Sam Harvey and Stu.