A Christmas Prayer

Lord as we celebrate Your birth

May we live knowing

Jesus, You are our Hope

Jesus, You are our Peace

May we share with all those around us

Family, friends and strangers that

Jesus, You are our Joy

Jesus, You are Love

Great God of love and light.

We remember the star that shone

to first lead people to your Son.

Lead us now, by the light of your love, that

we also may follow you to new life in Him.

Teach us and show us how to live in love

In a world that is filled with violence.

May we be just, truthful and willing to love

All those that we meet along the way.

Those that are filled with sorrow

May they know joy & be comforted

Those that are hungry

May they be fed & be satisfied

Those that are lonely

May they know love & find community

Those that are angry

May they find peace & restoration

May we love freely

And know God with Us

May we give joyfully

And know God with Us

May we receive with wonder

And know God with Us

As we celebrate Your entry into

The human timeline by birth

Messy, complicated, mysterious

May You enter into our lives again

Glory be to God