There Are Some Dark Clouds Hanging Heavy Over This City

I was hunting through the depths of my handbag, cleaning up and out in the buildup to New Year, potentially also because I am bored to death.

I found this, that I wrote on a Starbucks napkin on the Upper West Side in New York.

Starbucks Napkin

You better watch

out for the Man in

unexpected places & stay

mind full of your

own dark tendency to

rise & fall like the stock market

on waves of pop culturity.

No, your compass has lost it’s

northward point to authenticity

and this franchise has

won your over with a

pretence to your beatnik heroes

fools you with it’s fair trade

beans still harvested

by those hands scarred and

weathered, that never held a pen

or wrote a poem.

the heartbeat of this city

has moved SoHo art from SoHo to

Westside and pretty soon

you’ll find yourself lost

in the Grid because the new

arists & poets write

beats in Starbucks.