You Are Home To Me…It’s You That I’m Running To Lately
We create these sacred spaces. We call them colours and songs, poems and places.
They are hiding places, and celebration halls. Sometimes they are covered in flesh and speak in soft voices, when we need to hear something in the quiet.

Some nights, I put my sacred spaces in the CD player. Some nights I close my eyes and take myself on the road.. through windy northern bushlands, long sundrenched straights out of Waipu.

Sometimes the sacred spaces put skin on, and come to find you.

Tonight I spent the day harried and harrased, feeling every inch of my age and gravity. Questioning and doubting my instincts, my provocations. Thinking too big and wide for my own head to contain.. and so I felt myself cast out across the universe as if the one continous train of thought in my mind has exploded into infintismally small pieces. So small that all my intelligence has been lost and I was scrambling to put it back together.

Then I got home, and went online to find an email from a dear friend who I haven’t seen much of lately, simply brief greetings at church as we have meandered on our paths.

But he sent me some words, and created a sacred space for me, just a few moments worth, but enough to revitalise, reenergise and to bring back together some of the pieces of scattered self that have emerged in recent days. Thank you dear sweet friend. You are too wonderful, to have paid such attention to the small things that were missing.