And All The World A Stage & We Are Simply Players Set Upon It

It’s not often that I’ll out and out admit that something doesn’t work. I’m far too prideful for that. I’ll point out the positives and the learning opportunities, as well as face up to that which won’t happen again.

There’s a strange insecurity that’s bred here on the North Shore in particular I think. The ethos of success has become so integral to the fabric of society, that many of the young leaders that I know are afraid to attempt that which may not be successful. It doesn’t bode well for a season of experiementation and augmentation within life and ministry, as well as approaches to ministry.

However, I remain a far too willing experimenteur (n. entrepreneurial experimenter). I am becoming a fervent believer in the Art of Experimentation. Experimenting with ideas, leadership, expression. Experimenting with relationships, communication, arts. Part of this Artform, inevitably becomes the admission of circumstance where evidential failure is greater than the potential learning curve. Sunday night at church was ultimately a great experiment. I think i pushed too many boundaries all at once. I experimented with physical, spiritual, programmatical and social space. I changed the stage layout, the service format, the content and the space for community chatter. Whoops.

This remains my comforting thought. Ultimately my life is comprised mostly of an empty room, like the one above. I have one yearly ritual offering of my best liturgy. In 5 days I put more effort into 8 meetings than all the rest of the years 55 or so gathering points. So for the most part, even in the Monday-Saturday planning.. my life comprises of ideas in an room of empty chairs.

5 days together is a journey, 5 days apart between gatherings is a lifetime of lost continuity and focus.