The Great Thing

the great thing about temping is that you get to go in and then go out again without too much pressure. you never have to be thinking about the meeting in the morning, the project you should be further ahead with. the invoice you misplaced, the boss you don’t like, the guy in the other corner office that you do.

no, when you’re a temp, you cruise into your desk. you are under no obligation to make pleasant conversation for the sake of maintaining a false sense of ‘family at work’. You can be as silent or as extroverted as you like. No one has grand expectations of you, hence it’s easy to exceed them.

and when you’re a temp like me, quick with picking up new skills, fast with data entry and typing, easily multitasking .. you get to focus most of your conscious attention on the office dynamic. the whining woman who stretches out coffee breaks, bathroom breaks, trips to the stationery cupboard and smoko breaks. the slightly younger woman who is more competent and is too ambitious for her slow-paced administrative environment, who takes careful note of how inefficient her coworkers are. the slightly older, diligent one who works through her lunchbreaks, watching me as I watch everyone else around me.

I Miss My Lovely Girl, Dani
but I will be comforted because my lovely girl Wendy is coming to visit this weekend.