Saul & David
Some more thoughts in reflection on leadership and opening doors. It struck me the difference between Saul and David and the way they passed on their respective kingdoms. One leader became precious, and saw all that he had been given as his own, held too tight, developed a paranoia, saw a threat behind every corner.

The other accepted that even though it pained him to not build the temple, it was the task of the one who came after him. So he instilled himself, and his passion into his successor. He handed over the reigns with as much wisdom, guidance, strength and support as he could, including instructions to complete the work he had begun. He saw the kingdom as it was, a gift from someone Other than himself.

Business & Pleasure
The Sir Peter Blake Foundation is giving out Leadership awards. There’s something interesting in the numbers. One award for a current leader in business and marketplace. Six awards for developing and emerging leaders, to support and encourage their development. In business, the emphasis is always towards the positive, maximising potential, spurring to success. Read this book, improve this, take this opportunity, take this risk. In church, we emphasize the obstacles. Work on this aspect of character, not quite ready, not your time yet. We hide behind ‘divine timing’ rather than taking the risks on those how might supercede us, if only we helped them to maximise what they have been given, rather than concentrating on developing what they haven’t been given as much of.

We seek well-roundedness by developing our weaknesses, but we suffer for our folly, when we create well-rounded mediocrity, that has lost confidence and assuredness in that which once we grasped with both hands.

I feel my goodness being leached away in the non-practice of what I am exceptional at, and the continued rigours of that which is mediocre. Someone save me, and open a door, so that I might do what I am designed to do. I am tired of knocking.

Show me the way.