Song Of The Moment : Natalie Cole—This Will Be (An Everlasting Love)


This will be
An everlasting love
This will be
The one I’ve waited for
This will be
The first time anyone has loved me, oh…oh…oh…

I’m so glad
He found in time
And I’m so glad that
He rectified my mind
This will be
An everlasting love for me, whoa, ho

Loving you
Is some kind of wonderful
Because you’ve shown me
Just how much you care
You’ve given me the thrill of a lifetime
And made me believe you’ve got more thrills to spare, oh

This will be
And everlasting love, oh, yes, it will now

You’ve brought a lot of sunshine into my life
You’ve filled me with happiness I never knew
You gave me more joy than I ever dreamed of
And no one, no one can take the place of you

This will be, yes, siree, eternally
Huggin’ and squeezin’ and kissin’ and pleasin’ together forever through
rain or whatever
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, you and me
So long as I’m livin’ true love I’ll be givin’, to you I’ll be servin’
cause you’re so deservin’

Hey, you’re so deservin’
You’re so deservin’, yeah, yeah, yeah
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
The love, the love, the love, the love, the love, the love, love, love,
love, love
The love, the love, the love, the love, the love, the love, love, love
From now on, from now on, from now on, from now on
From now on, from now on, from now on, from now on
From now on, from now on

Movie Of The Week
Watched ‘Taxi’ and ‘Envy’ tonight with Michael and Josh, looking after Jesse while Andy & Kirst are away at Ben’s wedding. Both good laughs. Funny how the simple things in life become the most delightful.. a feverish child’s limp embrace as you carry them up the stairs is condensing. In that it simplifies all the emotions and hurry out of life, making everything crystalline. Some perfect moments.

Nothing Is Perfect
This week I have talked about finishing with this particular brand of ‘ministry’. Talking to Jeremy last night made it even more poignant. That there is something in the world that God loves enough to send us all out to keep, or save, or something. And in all my ‘entrenched-ness’ and me being less entrenched than some.. am I saving the world or losing myself?

There is room to hide in large rooms of people, and room to hide in lots of the ‘gift-friendly’ language we use. I could hide behind the phrases.. I’m not gifted for this, God’s calling me to something else, this isn’t making the most of my strengths. .. etc etc. You get the idea. I’m not saying this is 100% of what I’m doing. I’m just saying that there’s room for escapism and redirection in the current linguistic context. But I’m not wanting to shy away from character development or growth experiences, learning curves, Peter principles, opportunities to be refined. I don’t want to escape responsibility. I just want to feel like I’m in the flow again.. Maybe enough with the ‘quittin’ talk’. At least in certain forums. It was never about quitting, it’s always just been about finding the pathway. I’m still not convinced that I’m on it, but for now I am paddling in the still waters.

Hence, this will be an everlasting love.. from now on, from now on..