Can’t Sleep, Will Try To Blog Myself To Sleep

This is the latest, a music team retreat at the end of the month (happy May, by the way). Should be fun, or at least interesting. Si is coming and bringing a band, and hopefully we’ll have a good vocal coach there as well. Hopefully time to grow and develop some of our worship ethos, as well as our bonds.

DIY Rescue
There no exciting Metro Man sightings to report today, maybe he just didn’t get around to laundry this weekend, however.. the DIY disaster must be reported. The company that I work for is the kind of company that prides itself on equipping the ever ready and over eager kiwi DIY’er for any task. But I’ve never seen more holes in the wall, shoddy plastering, broken fixtures, holey carpet in my life, than at this office. And to top it all off, today one of the Imports girls got locked in the toilet and had to climb out the small louvre window at top, into an enclosed garden and ask to be let in. Thank goodness that it’s just a half day tomorrow otherwise I would be in fear of my life.


I bow my knee and lift my head
I look to you in reverence
there’s nothing left that I can say or do

in this moment I am desolate
without your love I wouldn’t last a day
every moment I rest on You

I remain undone by what You say
to me and how You change my life
with Your love and grace
You have redeemed me
my brokenness forgotten
Your life it seems to grow
within my soul, Your love takes hold

so mark this my confession
there is nothing left to give away
oh I adore You, I adore You

and all of my belonging
comes to rest upon this place
oh I adore You, I adore You

let me give this heart completely
followed by this life, my love, my all
for I adore You, I adore You

I adore You, I adore You
Your grace upon my face to shine
Your light this life to live within…