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Coming Undone Again
I spent the weekend in Roto-vegas for the annual Queens BDay BYM Training weekend. It was all good quality stuff, a few special moments in seminars talking about the cycle of barrenness, preparation, conception, birth and new life. It has sparked some good thinking for me in terms of preparing for whatever happens next.

Brian Krum polarised me yesterday with the realisation that vocation choices I make now are going to affect the next ten years. It’s a crucial time to look for the opportunities that will allow the right people to see me in the right light at the right time, and a time to be cautious of becoming too crucial to someone else’s gameplan.

When I was working at Mitre 10 there was a sign on the wall saying, ‘don’t be irreplaceable. it means you can’t be promoted.’ I’m thinking that way now.

So… resuming normal life?