© Tash McGill

Daily Prayers
I have officially and finally moved into my new office at church. The final touches are nearly in place, just curtains and some extra shelves to come. But the last few times I have been in here, I have lit the candles on either side of my laptop, and written/spoken some prayers as each one has taken light. It seems like a good ritual, and something that will ground productivity as well as spirit into my daily grind. Something about candlelight makes this place feels more peaceful and habitable. So, in the unpacking of the final box, my candles are in place, and there is also a little cardboard giftbox to hold the burned matches, folded prayer slips and bits of wax. It’s going to be a joy in weeks and months to come, to unfold and re-read prayers, knowing some have been answered and some answers are yet to come. Knowing that those small wooden matches may be charcoal dust really, but they symbolize my heart burning for those around me.