Communicate, communicate, communicate. We should constantly be communicating our purpose, vision and passion to one another, in order to maintain inspiration, keep God at the centre, and keep accountability to the goals.

So we pursue total buy-in from everybody.. like my production team at Eastercamp.. it’s part of our backstage ethos that everyone comes to briefing.. and the briefing starts with the spiritual, talks practical and prays humble deep honest prayers. And that’s our ritual, our routine that centers us and keeps us away from pursuing the wrong agendas or the wrong spotlights. … that’s my strategy for how I do it with my team.. And I mean everyone.. anyone who’s onstage or backstage or side of stage in
that meeting is there, from my personal crew to 7 video guys to 5 lighting guys, sound crew, band, stage crew, rob k, speakers, muszos, helper outs… we incorporate everyone into what we are doing as an act of worship.