She’s Moving On, She’s Coming Home, She’ll Be Here Soon
Dani is reminiscing about her Nashville days .. and calling to memory favourites posts. It’s so hard to believe that my dear dear precious friend is going to be sharing this hemisphere so soon. I know that Hans probably thinks that he’s winning the bonus round here, but it’s I that is blessed. So here’s a letter to my girl.. for all the world to see.

I miss you girlio.
Website queenie, roadie supreme.
I know that our words have been few these past days,
your head in boxes and arms around friends,
with tissues and tears and goodbyes.
My head swimming in busyness and life.. but
breathlessly waiting an ‘hello’.

The time between November and September has never felt as long,
as what it does waiting for you to arrive in my space
and start planting roots, and getting deep.

I can hardly contain the excitement of knowing that soon
You’ll never be more than 3 hours away.. and after all these years
that’s just like the blink of an eye.. as these few past weeks will
soon be, in light of all the days and words to come..

except that right now, it feels like forever, but forever is a long, luscious time
to be sitting here thinking.. I love you.

Precious, dear sweet other self, my heart beckons that you would come quickly
and we would find rest together from all the busyness.. and you would at last find Home, and know him well.

Important Things
A couple of the links that I’m about to put here are relatively old and have done the rounds before, so I’m archiving for my own sake, and to reference the fact that they have been part of conversation and thinking today.

Where you sit in terms of the Worlds Wealth Distribution can be done here at the Global Rich List

The World Hunger Quiz may just yet surprise you.

And the one that’s currently doing the rounds and makes for interesting beer café conversation.. Eccological footprints can be determined here at My Footprint.

I have been a semi-regular at Small Ritual for a long time. He manages to cross lots of things together into a woven feast of words, graphics and ideas. Today I have found myself turning there with new ravenous eyes, and have soaked in thoughts that quench like rain. So.. here are a few of my favourite ‘Restorations’.


breathe, breathe, breathe, breathe, breathe, breathe, breathe, breathe, breathe.

Feel refreshed yet?

Then how about these reflections on youth ministry, church culture and focus?

More Later.