Dirty Bomb Detector

I had some riveting posts planned for yesterday afternoon, but apparently the Universe had other plans. A candidate walked into the office just as we were peering out the windows and seeing police close off our street on both sides. The candidate informed us the there was a bomb scare in the other tower. You see, our building is actually two towers joined by an atrium. So we decided to evacuate, moments before the alarms went off. Then the whole block was cordoned off by the police for about two hours. I went home after the second hour, pretty convinced that there was not much point staying around. Pretty devastatingly boring to spend two hours walking around half of Queen Street. Especially when nothing went boom. Not that you actually want anything to explode, but all the tension builds up inside your body.

This morning when I woke up at dawn, I had the joy of being able to roll over and go back to sleep for an hour or so. But instead of sleeping, I listened to the hum of the traffic build until it felt noisy in my peaceful little house. How destructive all that noise and pollution must be, not just to my peace, but to the way we live. We wake up in the morning and make noise. Not even attractive noise, but just loud, murky, smelly noise.