Ahi Kaa
So, beyond Friday.. I went to the women’s ministry event. There were several significant images that arose again. The tree, the garden and the river from Jeremiah, Isaiah and Psalms. The seasons and passing of the proper time from Galatians 6.9 and Ecclesiastes. The barren woman.

I am an unlit match, being held too close to the fire.

There was a picture of a dam, with cracks and holes appearing, the closer to the flame I get. I am frantically trying to plug the holes and cracks, and yet whilst I am furiously resistant to the dam breaking, I don’t know what’s behind it. So I can’t reason out why I wouldn’t want the dam to break.

Perhaps it’s a safe excuse for avoiding anything larger that might crop up.

Between these images, and feelings, and the growing sense of need for a home fire to be burning somewhere.. I’m a bit lost right now.

I need encouraging words and gentle reassurances.