I don’t think I’ve ever actually been web-tagged before. And because I have a delightful blog that can be anything it wants to be.. I am going to accept the challenge…meanwhile I’m eating Skittles. We only used to get them when Aunty Dana and Uncle John came home from the States. Now you can buy them here, but the fruity goodness reminds me of long ago days.. so it seems appropriate.

What I was doing ten years ago
I was at Epsom Girls Grammar School, hanging out with Te3re, singing, writing, learning, working at the fish’n’chip shop and stuff. Boring huh?

What I was doing five years ago
I was working at Life FM, hanging out at SCCC, beginning plans for Eastercamp 2001, working for BYM.

What I was doing one year ago
Getting ready for my trip to the States, planning Eastercamp 2005, hanging out at Windsor Park Baptist. Going to Carey Baptist College, interning and worshipleading in the youth ministry.

Worked at my temp job in town. Went to a leaders night at Windsor Park. Dinner at Al & Heather’s.

5 snacks I enjoy
…breads and dips
…chips and salsa
…hmmm… i can’t choose.

5 songs I know all the words to
Stink question for a worship leader.. ummm.. but outside of that..
.. multiple Dave Dobbyn charts
.. multiple Crowded House/Finn charts
.. multiple DMB charts
.. I know you by heart (Eva Cassidy version)
.. Earthsuit … Wonder

5 things I would do with $100 million
.. buy the house I live at
.. give a lot away to worthwhile people and things
.. buy some great guitars & amps & gigboards
.. start a missional creative arts trust for community kids
.. go for a holiday

5 locations I would like to run away to
.. Africa
.. America .. coast to coast, but only if I can bring some friends
.. New York
.. Ireland
.. Europe

am I being general enough to indicate that I can’t decide?

5 bad habits I have
.. not open my mail for long periods of time, unless it looks like a real letter.
.. being really untidy when I get busy.
.. taking the impersonal personally
.. over thinking things
.. staying up too late lost in good conversations

5 things I like doing
.. playing guitar/songwriting
.. being creative with paint, fabric, words, food
.. walking on beaches, with friends
.. cooking for friends
.. hanging out with music, coffee, wine, conversation

5 things I would never wear
.. anything peach
.. a two-piece bathing suit
.. a mini skirt
.. lycra anything unless it’s underneath
.. should you never say never..?

5 TV shows I like
.. buffy the vampire slayer & any spin off show
.. scrubs
.. the news.. I know.. I’m a geek.
.. mash
.. ok, so Extreme Make-over makes me cry

5 biggest joys of the moment
.. the possibilities of making music
.. knowing Dani will be here soon
.. hanging out with Jesse and Liam Stevens.. the boys!
.. being around my family and friends
.. seeing God things happen within my community

5 favorite toys
.. my guitars
.. my computer
.. my car stereo
.. my kitchen .. actually Andy & Kirsten’s kitchen
.. my camera

Now I’m tagging
.. Stu
.. Skip
.. Jeremy
.. Lynne