Second Baptism
Up and down the country now, there are people laughing at my unfortunate mishap. And fair enough too, but only on the provision of sympathy for the head cold that is now pounding a beat on the inside of my temples. Nasal congestion is never fun. So tonight I will be sending myself to bed with a whiskey-cure. Flowers, sympathetic cards and company will be gratefully accepted.

Pool Safety Tips
These came by anonymous email yesterday; and I certainly appreciate the comedy.

1. Walk, don’t run. Running produces momentum that will send you further into the pool, ensuring it takes that much longer to get out, shivering and blue.

2. Remember to wear the appropriate clothing. Garments should be water-absorbant, heavy and difficult to remove. This ensures the most bone-chilling hypothermia.

3. Where possible, remain under competent supervision. This ensures that everybody will benefit from your tomfoolery; and your humiliation will spread rapidly.

Onto Other Things
I’m going to be heinously behind the times here, linking to this post by Dan Kimball. My brief time of observing and listening to Dan, left me with a warm and pleasant sensation in my belly. Here’s a man who’s growing, changing, shaping, listening and responding to God and the community around him. I was absolutely impressed by his humility, warmth, shyness and good nature. After all, sitting down with a group of Kiwi church tourists, isn’t always the kind of thing an introverted thinker likes to put on the calendar. Since returning home, I’ve enjoyed the reflections and reading of the books, (both of them).

Anyway.. a perusal is well worth the ten minutes you’ll spend there. I’m looking forward to returning to Vintage Faith sometime next year. Also.. I love the name of their Creative ThinkTank… the Palette team. Lots of yumminess in there.

Farewells to Sarah-Anne and the Radfords
Dracula : the Ballet on Saturday night
National Youth Consultation in Papamoa Aug 23-26
Speaking at Manukau Central Baptist youth camp in Hunua Aug 26-29
Worship at Te Atatu Union Aug 29
Jeremy Selfe’s 21st & Heather’s 40th Sep 3
Old Skool camp (music & hanging out) Sep 9-11
youth band camp = undecided
Carmel’s 21st = Oct 8th (?)
Foo Fighters = Nove 26th (for my birthday, somebody, please?)

On Scheduling Priority One
Some family time
Girls Weekend Away with Frances
Music Weekend.. songwriting must be given space