Been And Seen
Wedding Crashers – I might well get slapped in the face now, admitting that I went to see this. I was given advice not to, and I chose not to listen and then wasted 2 hours on a comedy that was too long, and too unfunny. Oh, the pain. Let me admit that the advice-giver was correct, I was incorrect and yeah. I’ve learnt my lesson now.

Dracula – Going to the nosebleed section in the Civic is never a good idea when battling sinus congestion, and going to see a ballet that can’t decide if it wants to be a ballet or a production isn’t a great time either. It was beautiful, well-produced, exquisite use of stage and lights, costuming was great, but the company ballet scenes felt protracted and out of place in the context of such a twisting plot and large number of main roles to keep track of. It was a lovely night out though, in delightful company.

Other News
I laid relatively low in the weekend, apart from the gym on Saturday and Sunday, and church last night. Pet peeve… church notices that involve one or more of the following (item, dance, skit, video, comedy sketch) and then also require a powerpoint slide and a person to get up and explain the notice that’s just been displayed.

I’m getting the feeling that the drugs I was taking all weekend may be affecting my sunny disposition