My Clever Possum
I have a clever possum. He lives somewhere close to my house, and likes to climb the grapefruit tree outside my living room window. When I get home late at night and switch on the TV for the late night news, I’ll hear a rustle-thump-thump and turn around to see a glimmering pair of eyes watching TV with me. Most recently I’ve decided that he’s particularly clever because he’s managing to snack on the grapefruit hanging in the tree, leaving the empty skins hanging. It’s quite a trick.

My Glorious Lorikeet
As we are heading into summer, and there are spring cherry blossoms and wild lilies all around my little valley, I’m sleeping with my bedroom windows open at night. Secretly it’s because I’m providing Prince Charming with easy access (ok kidding) but a surprising side benefit is waking in the mornings to the sight and song of rainbow lorikeets on my window sill. It’s a pair that live in the trees and bush surrounding me, often they fly up and down the driveway as you arrive home and leave but recently they have taken to singing to me in the mornings. Dad says that I should buy some birdseed, feed them and tame them. I’m not sure yet, but right now I think that they are so beautiful.

Old Skool Camp
Another weekend and another camp done. This time it was for the young adult community at Windsor Park. It was successful and not successful, but some of the concepts were awesome.. talking about how to do church if organised religion was made illegal opened doors for good quality conversation and ideas to circulate. My hope is that more and more of these opportunities will be able to gather momentum and eventually become part of the young adult lifestyle ministry that is driven by the participants rather than the passive modes we seem in at the moment.