Friday night was exquisite.. sitting under the starlight of the Civic theatre, listening to the glorious building creak and settle in the winds, and the delightful crackle and buzz of the old-style projector rolling through the classics. The newsreels of the 1950’s Auckland Transportation plan was hilarious, and it was a shame that the Mayor didn’t stick around for the entertainment of watching how yesteryear’s foreplanning didn’t actual solve the issues at all..

The movie itself was stunning.. time and time again Ingrid Bergman’s tear-filled eyes shimmering with emotion as she gazes at Humphrey Bogart take my breath away, and his countenance at the airport staggers me. The writing unprecendented and the bittersweet ending remains unsurpassed. It was delightful to watch it with people who had never seen it before. The comfortable familiarity of my journey was enhanced by the joyful discoveries of those around me.

Nothing like a tied election to set tongues to wagging about the state of the nation. For those who have small addictions to political commentary (yeah, that’s my hand up) the next few weeks will have a tinge of addict rush to them, as the dust flies and everything settles.

It’s my sister’s 21st birthday today. Which is a marvellous thing, but makes me feel very old all of a sudden. We had a family breakfast at Frolic, opposite One Tree Hill domain. This is easy for my family who all live on the Central/South side of the bridge, but meant that I had to leave my house at about 6.15am to make it there by 8am. Breakfast was entertaining, but when I dropped Carmel at uni, Dad still hadn’t called her, which is the dull ache that seems to surround most of our family gatherings. I hope that she’s heard from him by now. We drove most of the way to uni holding hands, as I was willing the phone to ring.

More Confessions

Secretly, I’m still angry with the kids who made fun of me at school, but not as angry as I am with myself for believing them.

I get mad when people tell me that others are intimidated by my strong personality as if it’s my responsibility to change so that people will like me.

I’m committed to a lifestyle of simplicity and justice in a capitalist world, but I’m really glad my mum isn’t poor anymore.

My best friend is falling in love and I’m both delighted and envious all at once. I hope that he’s worthy of her.

I don’t really know my sister’s boyfriend that well, but sometimes at family gatherings I find myself thinking that he’s almost my favourite member.

I wonder all the time if I’m just too afraid to leave this place because I don’t want to be labelled a failure.

I’m still guilty of wanting my old church to regret how they treated me.

Secretly.. I’m starting to think that I’m just not that interesting or fun anymore.

Leaving On A Jetplane
It’s stormy and gusty in Auckland today. The skies outside my office are grey and dark, and last night I thought that the tin of my roof was likely to start peeling away. Not so of course, but in the dark of the night, you’re always apt to feel darker and more vunerable. Dani is finally on her way here and I can barely contain my breath of excitement! I know that I’m still not likely to see her for a while, but at least she’ll be in my hemisphere and it feels like this endless year of waiting will soon be over.