Woah, Listen To The Music
Last night J & Jono came over for songwriting. It’s a strange process to have what feels like a large collaborative group to try and find a way forward together.

Because the first song came so easily, and has taken on a life of it’s own in our community it feels frustrating to try and re-create that moment. The practician in me realises that there will be songs that are simply average, but the wonder in me wants to find that moment where we tap into the beat of the Spirit in our community and in one another and the song writes itself.

So J set us homework, which is kinda funny, and we’re gonna to meet again on Saturday. We’ll see what happens next in this process.

Sometimes I think I’m so lost in the midst of the doing and being, that I’m losing my sense of comraderie and companionship with people. Maybe that is a sub-conscious factor here.