Don’t Fence Me In
You have to live out of a deep well not big fences.
What I mean by that is the best way to keep your cattle close and in the right place is to dig a deep well so that they have plenty of water. Building big fences doesn’t solve the thirst issue, and they’ll push against the fences..

So in living a faith journey I think the same principle applies. Having plenty of fences around only limits and damages your view of the horizon, you just see the fence and you’re far more likely to walk right up close to the fence. So we have to be careful about the rules that we put in place and concentrate on a life that is based on living out of the desires of our heart, and drinking deep of the right well so that our heart is living in the freedom of God’s love, otherwise we become about sin management and not about God being at work.

Sin management is dangerous because it undermines the power of the Gospel.
Jesus says Go and Sin no more, .. the contextualisation of that leads you to a place of recognising that the Going.. live (and sin no more) .. is much more specific to the particular activity she was involved in. When the Israelites became about sin management.. they lost the point of the whole God Story.. no longer was it about God’s redemptive power and the unfolding story of the Gospel, but it was about the ability of humanity to control circumstance, sin and society.. which drew them into the roles of Pharisee, sadduccees… a tragedy really.

So hence.. I don’t know how you make decisions about what you can and can’t do, because it seems that each choice has to be examined, rather than blanket ruling.. and also … life is for living in the moment. …
therefore.. hmmm see my dilemma?

Break My Heart If This Doesn’t Change You
Had lunch with Luke today and shared angst about the state of the generation. Lately I’ve been highly emotionally charged when going to bed and taking nightly devotions. It feels like something of the revolutionary spirit, something of the desire, something of the Cause is missing from some of the community I’m part of.

The desire to belong to a cause and the willingness to give and take all that comes with it. Instead of the burn that should be there, there is an emptiness. It’s like the Ecclesiastical Generation. Pursue and enjoy everything, denying ourselves no pleasure. It’s only at the end we shall realise that all is vanity and emptiness. All is meaningless, the sole purpose, meaning and integrity of our lives is found is Loving God. Living out of Kingdom values. A life of intentionality. My bloo rushes and I feel hopeful again. But it’s momentary, because I look around and feel desperately alone… Where are my comrades of the Revolution?