Everything Is Beautiful

I never left you
with my devotion like
a light inside you
and I’ll never let you down
by the light of the moon
my love alone to hide you
and I’ll never let you down
– Dobbyn

Everything is beautiful.. even depair in it’s ripest moment has a distinct loveliness about it. I am learning to be beautiful in all moments.

My loneliness is beautiful at this moment because it signifies that I stand apart, reminds me that even those connections that hold promise need to be held in perspective with all that I am and desire to be. It’s not a romantic or platonic loneliness, but more a sense of alienation. Makes me remember that there is a great coming home in my future.

My tragedies are beautiful cliches. I can accept that now. They are infinitely more complex that I even imagined in all my denial of their existence. They are intricate delicately flavoured human drama & comedy, the great stories of my life.