Cos It’s All In The Way You Remember
Perceptions and perspectives are useful and dangerous tools. This week, I’ve been watching perceptions and perspective wreak havoc across people that are intelligent, well-meaning, well-educated and normally effective communicators. But it seems that sometimes when things get too close to our own soft centres and bitter truths… we get all skewy, and things that were loving and kind become cruel and harsh.

Girl. Stop. You have too much potential to throw away all these opportunities. Stop. Look around you and realise that every bad thing that has happened to you, you’ve survived. So stop playing the victim, because victims are those who lose, and you haven’t lost yet. Stop holding everyone else to account for how you feel, react & respond to the world around you. There are a lot of people who want nothing but the best for you, and all you seem to give them is the worst. Are you testing our love, to see if we will love you even when you offer us nothing that is loveable? Fair enough.. but test and see that our love is good, because it comes from an eternal place. Girl, stop. Take a deep breath and realise that we are on your side. We have no agenda other than letting you find peace and purpose.