Bring It To The Table, Bring What I Am Able

world’s on fire, it’s more than I can handle
tap into the water, I try to pull my ship
try to bring more, more than I can handle
bring it to the table, bring what I am able

I am cursed, said one man to another as he was walking along a weather beaten path.
Explain yourself, said his companion.
Well, it’s clear. All my life I have ended up on the short side of the stick, the shallow end of the pool, and even now today as we are walking along this path look and see the potholes and stones on the left where I am walking, and the smooth dry ground where you are walking. That is my curse, said the man.
I see, said the companion. But was it not your choice to take the left hand side of the path when we set off?
Aye, it was, he said, but I couldn’t see then the road ahead to know that I had chosen the stumbling path, therefore it must be my curse that means I trip and curse and twist my ankles along this stony road.
Oh aye, said the companion, nodding. But is it not just as likely that as we round this next bend, my path will fall away into disrepair and shall you then point at me and say I am cursed?

Today Is The Greatest Day I’ve Ever Known
Today I am making grownup decisions and being the bigger person, about things that shouldn’t bother me as much as they do. I am so excited about the opportunities of next year, but terrified all at the same time.

Today the right answer to any question is to firstly answer from my perspective. Exaggerate your concern, regard, respect, adoration of me. I need the security of that today.

Today I miss my best friend who remains the person I always want to ask for their opinion, even on the trivial stuff. God, I miss it so bad sometimes I can’t focus on the thing in front of me for the want of that safe and dangerous place again.

Today I would like to take a camera, four guitars (Maton, Gretsch, Ibanez & Gibson), 2 notebooks, 1 Fender Rhodes suitcase model, 3 old-school condenser mics; 2 old valve amps, three comfortable chairs, 1 table, enough beds, couches, CDs, poetry books to last 1 month. I would like to take all these things and put them beside a waterhole in Africa, inside a polehouse with skylights. I would like to write songs and make beautiful noise with worthy beautiful people for 40 days.

Today I am living simply and managing ok. I am thirsty. But I’m not dehydrated.