Been Here Before
You may have read these before.

:: Friday, February 25, 2005 ::
I am tired now
Just lately when I think about it

Whoever said apathy wouldn’t get me
Whoever said that you wouldn’t rub off on me
Who ever said
Cos I was never that honest with you
I am tired now just
Lately when I think about it just
Lately when I think about it just
Lately when I think about it lately

And my head feels a little colder
My heart feels a little smaller
My world seems a little shorter
Something must be gone just
Lately when I think about it just
Lately when I think about it just
Lately when I think about it lately
Things just aren’t the same

:: Monday, February 21, 2005 ::
a little darkness now
a little silence in the staunch
white light
that calls me out of this sadness.

:: Wednesday, December 01, 2004 ::
Lucidity Speaks

When you speak, how often I must
listen with baited breath
to hear the thing you might say
next, could be funny or serious

off guard, i tend to spend these moments
and makes me like an addict
for I love the rush of blood to my
head when you make me think

before I speak, so I don’t get it wrong
so I don’t regret, but I live regretting
these moments, precious, few
i spend in awe of you, when Lucidity speaks

it reminds me that there’s something in the
air around us that I’m breathing funny
something makes me come alive
ideas that once were silent fly into

the sky that wakes and blinks in
blue hues that colour everything around us
somehow sharper with your eyes wide open
your voice softly speaking things aloud

where I can hear them, over rush of blood
and thought where they are blooming now
in sunshine of your fertilising mind, strange
how coincidence draws you to new places

where I’ve decided I would share a glass
of wine with you that was old, red wine that
I would usually treasure with someone dear
like you could someday be, you shake me.

:: Tuesday, May 25, 2004 ::
sometimes i have to make the effort
sometimes i have to try real hard
sometimes i have to make the effort
most of the time i question, is it worth it

sometimes i have to concentrate on what’s ahead
i have to focus on what’s important
and i have to choose between this and that other important thing
i want to go to sleep, lie down beside you
you are my important thing of the moment

cos i might never get this moment back
i might never get the hour back
and i would rather spend it in your love
than on something not worth it

Set Your Sails Love
Trevor Donnell once spoke to a church facing a time of transition about a sailboat on the water, facing increasing winds, having a choice. Set the mainsail and keep the sheet trimmed, or take all the risks and run the spinnaker. Seems like we are in similar times at the moment here at Windsor. This morning during Youth team meeting we prayed and God impressed the image on me again.. this time illuminating for me the fluidity, seamless teamwork and beauty of the human machine that pulls in the mainsail while running the spinnaker up. Each person totally committed to the task they have as an individual, but utterly immersed in the whole task. Aware, supporting, giving and taking from and between themselves. There is something in that for us.

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