Light Up My Skies
light up my skies darling
no one but you can
fleeting electric jolts
to my existence

everything is powered
by the dark and light
of connecting to you
momentarily darling i live

Wedding Music
I both love and loathe doing wedding music. For Alex and Lisa it was a great joy to be part of their day.. other weddings I sang at in 2005 seemed out of place and strange. And then there are the weddings that bring out the mischievious in me.. like the one I am singing at on Saturday. We are performing the processional live.. always risky, but this time creatively on the edge. We are playing a piano based version of the Trumpet Voluntary, that bursts into a fusion of Coldplay ‘Fix You’ and the most well-known phrase of the Voluntary. It actually sounds amazing. Then the song for the signing of the register is “You’re All I Need To Get By”. More upbeat than most wedding songs… but I am the wedding singer, and so I gladly serve the heart’s desire of the bride and groom.

The stress of it all is that someone’s wedding is ultimately one of the most important days of their life. And everyone is counting on you to not screw it up.

Please may we not screw this one up.