Still Standing
I’m getting a little pissy as the day wears on – I’m temping at a company in Ellerslie and it’s fairly slow, but that’s not what’s taking the heat. Fiscally, I can’t afford not to work today, and working means doing nothing, versus doing a lot for a lot less at my other job. Funny equation huh – get paid for doing nothing in a workplace that’s meaningless to you, or be broke doing something you love that has eternal purpose to it.

However, with all these questions about leadership, community, direction and implementation running around in my head, I’m swimming a little in the could-be’s and what-if’s. Particularly frustrating today to be thinking about team. I like teams. I like to work in them, I like to build them, I like to lead them. I especially like being part of teams that are well functioning, supportive and encouraging environments.

I’m a little stumped about the State of the Nation when it comes to the immediate team I’m working in. After all, if I’m going to commit to serving and working here for another period – it’s going to be pretty damn important how the team operates. And because I’m not the leader of the team – it’s pretty crucial that I either figure out how to lead up, or how to comprehend the dynamicity around me.

Right now, the royal ‘We’ are planning our annual Leaders Training Day. With no input, no discussion, no planning from me at least, and I doubt any of the other team members. I’m doing a couple of worship songs. Wicked. Let me go put myself in the creative box in the corner, save the trouble of doing it yourself.

But – less with throwing the toys out of the crib – and more with the strategic ways forward. We need to spend more time meeting together – building a team ethos with broader ownership. Less time meeting seperately. And many other things.