De-Lurking Week
Hat-tip to Mindy at The Mommy Blog for reminding me about De-Lurking Week. It’s the one time of year that we bloggers get to ask ever so nicely, for you readers out there to announce yourselves, just once. Go on, get friendly and I promise not to ask again until next year.

Warning: This Blog Is About To Overpost
But I keep having thoughts that I think I need to record somewhere and interact with.. this I wrote in an email conversation that started with Nooma and keeps spinning me off in all sorts of other directions.. I’ll be back in another half hour when I’ve thought of something else.

Excellence hardly ever stands alone – it comes from well-thought out
foundations, well excecuted decisions and actions, and within environments
of well-connected, energised, focused people. You can’t make an excellent
movie with only good technique – the terrible scripting and acting will
show your film to be a facade – and similarly our own lives ..

I’ve been thinking about this in terms of my own personal life and
development – it’s false to do one thing excellently, if nothing else
matches, because then that’s not really genuine excellence – it’s jsut
fluking by on appearances. Which I guess points us back to origins,
foundations, key values etc. It’s no good to have a tidy house for guests
if you live like a slob the rest of the time. No use throwing a great
party if you’re only ever hospitable on your own terms, but you don’t
throw open the doors of your house anytime someone turns up.

Guess it’s the same at work, at church, with friends – Much easy to do all
that ground work with a project and produce excellence than with a person,
huh? Still – a challenge worth pursuing. An excellent life is something
worth living for.

don’t want to think about
the darkness within
don’t need any more than my
present heavy sins
just hold on to me
and let us celebrate

i give a little light to you
you bring a little back to me