Under The Shade Of Pinot
What if it’s all connected in the universe? Not just in that ‘God makes good from all things’ kinda connectedness. But in a deeper, more unconventional way.

Like.. how is my meeting with Dave Munro this week connected to his part in setup on eastercamp in 2003? And how is that connected to my vision for eastercamp in the future? And what’s the stepping stone that takes my meeting with the summer harvest debrief team tonight into the planning for Queens Birthday weekend for 06?

Maybe it’s all connected. Maybe waking up next to someone your best friend from 5 years ago used to be in love with has some strange cosmic part to play in the way God is unravelling the plans he has. Because waking up next to that person, puts into context so many other mornings when I’ve woken up with the memory or thought of someone else… and all of a sudden life has perspective again.

Perspective might leave you a little empty to begin with – but then I come again to the connectedness of it all. There must be a reason why it all fits together into a jigsaw puzzle. There must be some hilarity at the end of it all.