Today Is The Greatest Day I’ve Ever Known
Well not really – but I figure if I’m going to be positive I should start now.
This morning I found a mouse outside my bedroom door. It was dead.. so it was probably the dog that brought it as a gift.

As of Monday it will be 8 weeks til Easter and things are finally starting to come together – I think. I know that it’s still 2 months away – but gosh those months will go so quickly. It does feel good to be pursuing new partnership relationships though – expanding the community and whanau of the Eastercamp deal.

Might be going to the concert series at the Zoo tonight – Viv is here from Oz and so it will be cool to catch up, and Si is playing there so it seems the most likely place that we’ll end up.

Roni leaves in three weeks. She’ll be off to the Outback and then South America, with an indefinite return date. Exciting.