oh my soul
fly to that resting place
beneath thy Beloved’s face

be still and know
that He is God
and everything about the Way
is understood

I’m at church waiting for band practice to start – I don’t have my Maton because it’s busy having a slight adjustment – the action on the lower frets is getting a little high. I’m looking forward to having her back, because I’m writing quite a lot at the moment. It’s frustrating not being able to play through a setlist before the rest of the band arrives as well.

The church has been graffitied = every glass window. Just tag signs – nothing too creative or artistic and all white. But I’m am secretly pleased at our building becoming a community artwork. I wonder what it says about our presence, or the artists? I hope that they don’t wash it away too quickly.

Home Alone
Andy and Kirsten have gone away for the week with the Bradleys to Waipu. It’s sad to watch the house go from full – Alison & Phillip, Eye, Kirst & Andy, Jes & Liam .. to just me. Not even any exciting visitors or plans for a big party! I’ll swap between my cottage and their place.. doing useful things like putting out the courier packs, and mainly drinking coffee on my own in the mornings.

Band Practice
All I want to do in the band tonight is play guitar and sing.. and let the guys cruise in where they want. But the feel in my head is so precise that I want to drive it, and push it around to where I want to go. I am going to have to buy another guitar.. and I’m looking at this one…

It’s a Guild GAD-JF30. I’d prefer it in a sunburst finish .. but I think that I’ll like the tone. Rest and relaxation this week will probably be done at the Rockshop. Checking out tone, construction and onboard electrics. I’m already feeling so turned on!