In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning

When the sun is high in the afternoon sky
you can always find something to do
but from dusk til dawn as the clock ticks on
something happens to you

In the wee small hours of the morning

It’s the time you lie awake, and think about .. someone and never ever think of counting sheep. It’s 2.52am as I type this. I’ve read a whole novel with drooping eyelids, trying to will myself to sleep. I have such a big week this week – lots of travel and commitments and creativity required, I can’t afford to be off my game.

But you, are running around in my head, not letting me have any peace at all. And why, oh why, I can’t explain – when there’s nothing you have said or done to make me feel this way. But I can’t sleep tonight, now that you are out of sight… and who knows though tomorrow you will likely say my name, for tonight, you are very far away.

On any other day, I’d write a song about it. Like so many have before – a song about the darkness and the quiet of the lonely hours just before the dawn. If you were here, I would wake you with kisses, and tell you of the rush inside my veins. Where the blood is pulsing that much quicker, just because you’re resting on my mind. I’d wake you with promises of sunrise, and open up the curtains for the stars. Maybe even sit outside in moonlight – it’s nearly full. And that’s the place where my love always starts.

Tomorrow, when it starts, although it’s already arrived, will bring a day of greyness and gloom I’m certain, for the moon is due to rise fully and completed and on those days I’m prone to feel the sadness, for no reason. Now I’m lying here awake, I’m yawning with out sleeping, and my eyes are weeping round the edges.

I was dreaming when I finally got to sleep this morning. A big house with wide open windows. You were running around with the kids, while I lay in bed being lazy and enjoying the sound of a full house. The laughter was infectious and my cheeks are sore from smiling in my dream. You came rushing into the room, laying down on the bed – you smiled at me, and I smiled back, kids laughing and giggling as they climbed up. White linen everywhere.. and then the phone rang and I had to answer it. For some reason, I just couldn’t get this person off the phone, when all I wanted to do was tuck up underneath the arm you were extended, and rest my head against yours, surveying the wondrousness of a life.

You always seem to make a room seem so full of life. Where did this all come from? Go back inside my head, sweet thoughts that are so distracting.