Fleeting, Fragile Breath Of Life

fleeting, fragile breath of life
i have loved you even while
in the dark, secluded space
you were made, so well
you have left me right
before I had the chance to tell you
everything there is to say to
someone fragile, precious as you are

darkness, light colliding
here upon this broken, fragile heart
my own delight as fleeting as the
moments of your breath
precious, fragile, fleeting
breath of life you steal
away from me so silently

you are

i will love you til the end of me

In the world of technology, medical advance and science, some things are still unexplicable and unknown. I read the stories of women who blog their deeply vunerable stories of infertility and miscarriage. I read their sorrows and triumphs. I have journeyed with friends who have lost baby after baby.

A very dear friend just lost her third child; a son, at full-term. No explanation as yet. I saw her just last week, distended belly and swollen ankles, looking a picture of motherhood. We laughed and joked about what her other children are planning on naming the baby, and how her eldest is excited about being a boss in the household now. For the past 10 days she has been in my prayers constantly, as I have been expecting baby news.

My sorrow for her is only multipled by how many other friends have shared this. The grief of a woman bereft of her child stings me to the core.