Baby It Ain’t Over Til It’s Over
My sister in Port Hedland is on alert for Category 4 cyclone about to hit the coast where she is. She’s been called into work to ride out the storm. Sounds like an adventure. Can’t wait to hear her story! Also .. prayers of course.

Great Volunteers
Here’s what’s great about having been at Windsor for 3 years now…. people. There’s a base of relationship and people.. people who care about what I care about… people who want to help out. I’ve been slowly growing in my deep appreciation of those who give up their own stuff in order to help me with mine. They are phenomenal people.

Everything Is Beautiful – Here’s What I’m Doing

I’m watching the news and listening to Jane. The reports are flooding in about the cyclones building off the coast of Western Australia, where my darling sister is. Only two weeks there really and she’s already having some marvellous adventures.

I’m thinking about friends from long ago and wondering about the coinciding circles that connect us to each other and I’m hoping that one day from a more eternal perspective I will understand it more. And then I’ll be able to decide if I’m a Calvinist or not. I’m experiencing tendencies towards open theism because of recent events but I know that I’m not satisfied with speculations.

Meanwhile.. the rain keeps falling in segments, rattling my windowpanes and whistling wind around my ears as I lie in bed.

I’m working on Eastercamp stuff. Fun and challenging. I’m trying to find sense in the madness of making a programme that is meaningful and does any sense of justice to the Gospel story.