The Gratitudes
Seems like it’s only fair to sing the praises of my magnificent crew as far as I possibly can.. so read on and be amazed at the calibre of people I was surrounded with for the most intense days of my life.

Dave “Pinky” Munro
This guy rocks. He’s not necessarily a sound engineer, lighting guy, rigger or stagehand. He is good, solid fun to have around. Probably more renowned for lobbing a tennis ball into one of the more expensive hired lights than anything else.
Pete Wood
Pete is quiet and reserved and gracious, flexible and top-quality. Nothing seems to faze him and he puts in amazing long hours behind the desk, producing superb results. We would be lost without you mate.
Jozsef Fitysus
I think that no Easter team of mine could ever be complete without Jozsef now. He’s a mountain of understanding, wisdom and grace that could never be replaced. He’s tirelessly supportive and understanding of me, and offers such a warm & secure place for me to operate, I wouldn’t be without him. Plus – nothing fazes him either – he’s phenomenal.
Gordon Dear
Gordon worked like a trooper the whole camp – doing the early mornings with me for the leaders meetings. Always smiling even when he looked as close to the end as I felt. It seemed like it was such a privilege and joy for him to be doing Eastercamp, that it reminded me how much I love it to. It was so much fun to have him around!
Matt Cathro
Matt! Such boundless energy and wicked vocals at our impromptu playout. I can’t describe how much fun Matt is – his energy in the whole team was amazing. Pretty lonely out there on the village marquee but he made it crank and made some good programming calls as well.
Thanks so much for being part of it. For saying yes, and coming up with a budget that we could manage (just) and for answering the questions, and being so supportive.
Pete “Clever Pete” Allerby
You are very clever, the master of packing. Your ability to pack in and load out and keep smiling is phenomenal.
Dave Weston
Talk about talent – his videography on our Sola videos was just exceptional. There are no words for how much of a future he has.
Peter vant Wout
Peter! I have lost count of how many camps he’s been on the video crew – and he’s always fun of energy and life. I love having him around – and his commitment to the cause is tireless, even when faced with the challenge of a whole new team. Can’t wait til next year Peter.
Glenn Stewart & Chris Vale
Methinks that toasties every night would be enough to keep these guys satisfied for life – but more than that – this year they delivered some of the most beautiful and well-presented lighting I’ve ever seen. It was beautiful and well-balanced. Just phenomenal. Plus Chris’ support and warm friendship made me delighted.
Justin, Phil, JD
What would camp be without you guys? I love your enthusaism, and commitment to the task. Justin – I would have been lost without – he was tirelessly championing the cause.
Tim Youngson
You’re so much more than a rockstar to me, baby. For always smiling, for always being creative, for always being prepared to say yes to anything, no matter how impromptu it seemed. I loved having you with me at every moment.
Jo Norrie
So much more than just programme admin – but you did a phenomenal job of being there to help with everything no matter how obscure it seemed! Honestly couldn’t have done it without you – and now I know I can trust you even more than before. Can’t wait to do it again.
Blake Hansen
You are beyond words my dear friend! You worked soooo hard and tirelessly not just helping me but Luke and Katie as well. We all would have been lost without you. I’m so glad that you were part of it this year. I’ll miss you so much in 2007.
Jono Palmer & Rhiannon Sims
Dealing with change after change and yet still managing to run the shows and keep things moving – i’m immensely grateful for your contribution in a high-pressure environment.
Luke & Katie Malcolm
the Sanctuary was beyond everything I had hoped. To see so many kids engaging with it over the weekend and on Sunday morning surpassed all my hopes. Thanks so much for all the hours, blood, sweat and tears that went into it. I hope you believe it was worth it too.
Jeremy White
Seems that it would be tragic to say this was the last Easter you’d be by my side keeping things calm and funny.. but you did an amazing job – not just of preparing and putting people at ease, but also the Sola videos. I will always be thankful that we stayed up til ridiculous o’clock goofing around. It’s what we’re best at after all!
Brendan Quaife
Brendan just completely blows my mind. Last but definitely not least, I’ve been trying the whole time I’ve been typing this post to come up with the words, but the reality is I have nothing. Zip. Nada. That’s it. Nothing with which to express how competent and talented and capable and funny (actually, hilarious!) this man is. Far out.