There’s No Filter

SO there’s been a lot going on .. and we’ll start with the trivial first..

Last night we went (production co. thankyou for eastercamp and noise) to the Gold Star Lounge to watch MI:3… exhorbitant ticket prices aside, you get a lazy-boy seat with pullout table, reclining back and footstool, free popcorn and softdrinks. Then you can order from a fairly classy menu all sorts of nibbles to full-blown meals to be delivered at whatever time you choose throughout the movie. Wine, beer and cocktails available as well. Great environment and very cool people. However, to be completely honest the staff walking up and down all the time was pretty annoying, especially cos they seemed to be continuously tripping up on themselves. I might not have noticed that though, if the movie had really been super gripping.

When it’s a TV show you can make it interesting by using the same old gadgets and tricks episode after episode .. but with this blockbuster budget you just expect more. So the gadgets weren’t that exciting and the storyline twisted in all the predictable places, and PR jobs, judgement jines aside, I haven’t really seen a Tom Cruise movie since the whole TomKat debacle, but I think the tabloids have ruined it for me, because I just can’t take him seriously. Even in the intense gun fights last night, all I could see was Tom Cruise jumping up and down on couches trying to strangle Oprah.

Everything Else
I’ve been spending a lot of time, energy and conversation in talking with Simon. We are about to launch ourselves into a new chapter of being and doing. This time, concentrating on on being who we are, and doing what we are good at 90% of the time, rather than doing whatever we have to in order to be able to do what we are good at.