Throw common sense out the window. Wisdom and common sense are not the same.
Common sense will lead you to a common life.
We however, are an uncommon people.

For God’s sake and our own .. Abandon ‘normal’ .. Normal is a poison, a lie you could spend a lifetime pursuing and never find. Common sense is the path well trodden. It’s the path of duty and obligation. It’s the manner by which our dreams die, cast to the side of the path well-known. Common sense finds grown men caged by should and would have been, hoping for another chance when the first was squandered. It binds women into lives lived selflessly but also hopelessly.

What happens when a woman’s beauty becomes only that which is reflected in the achievements of her children, her ability to concieve, the fidelity of her husband, the envy of her friends, the power of her position, the economy of her words? A woman’s beauty should be in her strengths, in her grace and in her desire, as well as her desirability. Desire leads you to the life uncommon.

Wanting something outside of what is known, the divine knowledge of something skirting around the edges of our present realities – desire will drive us to pursue that which is out of the ordinary. It binds us up with courage when facing the uncertain. And it is Wisdom that more often that not, harkens “trust and leap, for the known is just as frightening as the Unknown”, when common sense says “stay.”

An Uncommon life begins in the same breath that the expected answer hesitates on the lips. We are an uncommon people, born to an Uncommon heritage of risk-takers, flirting with possible disaster at every turn – we have lived, and we will live again. Throw common sense on the way beside you. March on to that uncertain future. “Trust and leap..”