I’m So Freaking Tired

I’m tired ..

of being the flexible one because I’m single and without children
of women’s events that introduce everyone by Name, Marital Status and Children
of being on the receiving end of Assumption – assuming my issues, assuming my attitude
of being less-than because I’m single and without children

We have a training weekend this weekend. All Christian grace aside – I’m so tired of being shoved out of the room I booked for the family with 9 & 11 year olds who only just organised themselves. I’m tired of the assumption that I don’t mind being flexible because they are from my church. I’m tired of the fact that because I don’t have children, I’m not allowed to comment on what’s feasible or reasonable.

I’m tired of single parents who complain about needing a break from their children, because no married parent I know gets one. I’m tired of parents who have no concept that their children are ill-mannered, spoilt, self-centred ‘christian’ children who are highly unpleasant to be around. I’m tired of parents who take advantage of the facilities of our office space and that I have to accommodate children coming in and out of the office all the time.

I’m tired of youth group programming that only raises young adults that want church to be like youth group, and a church that is unwilling to accept responsibility for a generation of ‘young’ adults who haven’t grown up because all they wanted was a babysitting service for teenagers. I’m tired of youthworkers who don’t look beyond the borders of teenagehood to see that longterm some of the effects of our programming are disastrous. I’m tired of people that see success as being what’s right in front of them, and not what happens as a result of our present day action in twenty years.

I’m tired of being gracious about things that ought not to matter.

I may be slightly grumpy today.