Gather Round Ye Old And True
So we moved in, and have started making progress on an enormous whiteboard of things to do, jobs to pitch, work to create and work to execute. We’re even now at the point of figuring out how much work we need to pursue in terms of big stuff and little stuff.

In the midst of all that, we are in the middle of discussing and dreaming how to make the Hymnbook possible. Getting caught up in all the ideas around the album recording and the documentary film, the artists and the production values – it seemed like we had almost lost the very focus with which this started for me.

So tonight, after a glass of far too fresh merlot, finally it hit us, that the first thing is to go to the text. And then the question of how much spirro to take in or out of the equation is answered in emphasising the storytelling, not just the scripture connections. So yes, and good.

Working With A Friend
It’s been good so far. There’s a relatively easy and comfortable working balance. The silence isn’t too heavy, we have the same taste. I wrote some stuff this week, and he editted. I pitched and we nailed it. It’s a good balance. There are other things as well though. Like the fact that I’m the luckiest girl in our office.. because I have the boy in my office. The boy who can lift and carry and drill and so on. Of course, having a boy in your office has it’s own issues – but I think just maintaining a careful eye is the best approach.

The Anti-Bride
Tere is getting married – and although she’s been engaged for months now, she’s finally picked the date and booked the church and the celebrant. These are major milestones. Not an engagement ring, but at least the main parts are sorted, including the cars. Hair and makeup isn’t too much of an issue either. As of this afternoon, the dress is done as well! Hallelujah. The reason why we are joking around about her being the anti-Bride is that so many of the little things that ordinarily matter so much to brides.. jsut don’t matter to our girl. And that’s a good thing. So we are hard at work, making this the best day so far, and a day where she feels like an absolute princess. The dress is stunning. Yay. Now shoes and jewels.