Living In A Bubble

THe tide of isolation has been rolling in and out over me. Sad and lonely here am I. I’m back in the moment that I can’t get out of and I know all the questions to ask. About trusting Him, and knowing that I’ve got something to hold on to, no matter how it feels today, and I’ve taken risks like this before.

It’s the pain that wrecks my heart. My head that clouds into fog and my whole interior that feels heavy and aching. It’s a physical state, this being here. My missing you and fighting you, and for you and getting over you is a restless composition full of dissonance.

Honesty .. Is Hardly Ever Heard, But It’s Mostly What I Need From You
That sums up so much. Partnership is so much more than simply putting two minds together. You start to piece two lives together. You instinctively turn to reliance. Everything within me craves deep honesty in this way of being. Not just mutual understanding but significant committed honesty. It’s hard work.