Unconscious Mutterings

  1. Bell :: Saved by the
  2. Abuse :: Secret
  3. Relief :: Phew
  4. List :: Shopping
  5. Concern :: Real
  6. Absolute :: Unwavering
  7. Cling :: 2 year old
  8. Dump :: Site
  9. Terminate :: Arnold
  10. Wine :: Drink me

Working From Home
Today has been sooooo nice. The slight privilege of being your own boss most days means that today, considering that we had stuff on the north shore – I’ve been working from home for the rest of the afternoon. Oh the bliss of being able to cook delicious spinach salad for lunch and working with the relative peacefulness of the port magnolia tree scent fragrant in the summer breeze that’s rolling in through the windows. All the doors and windows are open in the balmy 22 degrees. I know that it’s a short promise of summer, because come November, it’ll be rain and grey stormclouds that will probably last til December. So for now, in the final days of September I will enjoy the absence of the sirens and thoroughfare of the Odeon Precinct. Of course, only til tomorrow and then i’ll be back to work.

Small Indulgences
For the past three (yes, it’s been three years that I’ve been here!) years that I’ve been living in my perfect cottage, I’ve had an old as tv with only 2 channels and fairly dodgy reception on both! But my sister moving home, means that my granddad’s old tv (not that old though) is available and for the first time in ages i’m enjoying the privilege of a remote, full colour reception across all the free to air channels including Maori tv and more. It feels pretty luxurious. oh yeah. I’m big into lifestyle. Seriously.